Customer Testimonials

I Love the Face and Body Cream

"I just want to let you know how much I love your face and body cream. I have been using it for 3 years now after I tried it at a market you were at in the Adelaide show grounds. I love everything about it and hope you keep on making this amazing product. This time I’ve also ordered the face and body lotion to try - I’m sure I’ll love it too!"

Jannifer | Clare SA

"Good morning Caroline, it's Kate. I have been using your muscle balm every other day for restless legs syndrome & it is magic! And...I've just finished the overland track in Tassie & every night I shared it's magic with up to 12 other hikers, it made a week of hiking so much more comfortable! Thank you! Needless to say, I'd like to place an order. Xx"

Kate| Gold Coast QLD



Helped with lower back and sciatica pain

“I have lower back pain and sciatica pain, I’ve had it for ages and it’s the sort of pain you just end up putting up with. Well, a friend of mine recommended Truth Balm and I love it! It’s wonderful — I use it every night before bed. It’s helped a huge amount with my pain, and I love the smell, too.”

Vicki Cresp | Heathpool SA



The best thing I’ve ever used for muscular aches and pains

“This muscle balm is really fantastic. It works! Literally between 24 and 48 hours your muscles are back to normal. Not sore, not hurting, which is fantastic, because recovery is such an important part of training. I gave it to one of my fellow runners, and she was really impressed and said it helped with her shin splints.

I tend to use it every morning after I’ve had my run and my shower and I also use it before bed. I love the smell and it’s a little bit grainy which I think actually helps, because it encourages you to massage it into the muscles really well. I do quite a lot of running and this muscle balm is much more effective than other well-known commercial brands — it’s the best thing I’ve ever used for muscular aches and pains.”

Jay McGavigan | Doctor and Marathon Runner | Hawthorn SA


This balm worked when resting, icing and massage didn’t

“I have been riddled with all sorts of pain since I started running and despite doing all the right things like resting, icing, massage and strengthening exercises, I have been in agony with my right knee! Coming down the stairs in particular was very painful for me and I was happy to try anything. I could not believe the relief I felt after just one day of applying the balm — it is truly wonderful not to feel pain.”

Aynih Concepcion | Executive Assistant and Runner | Adelaide SA



My eczema has cleared up

“I find that my skin is really sensitive and I need to be careful about what I put on it. I’ve always had really bad eczema and it was made worse in the past by steroid creams. I’ve been using the Truth cream and the scrub and my skin has really cleared up — I’ve had people comment on how clear my skin looks. I’m also pregnant at the moment and usually when I’m pregnant, my skin gets really dry but it feels great. I really like these products, I like that they’re natural and I keep the cream in my handbag.”

Kimberley Bennetts | North Haven SA


Body scrub with exfoliating gloves

“I use the cream twice a day, in the morning and as a night cream, after I wash my face. I put it on while my face is wet and love the way it feels. It goes a long way too — I end up spreading it to my neck, décolletage and arms. I love the scrub too, and use it about once a week on my face. I also use it on my body in the shower with my exfoliating gloves. Afterwards I feel fanTAStic! My skin is so soft and silky smooth, I feel 20 years younger!”

Karen Zaskolny | Freelance Copywriter | Kingston Park SA


A luxurious feel

“I like Truth because it’s all natural and I love the way the products smell. I use the scrub on my face and I like that it’s really fine. You can use it gently or give it a firm massage, which is what I like to do. Your skin feels really fresh after. Brilliant! I apply the cream after the scrub. It has a luxurious feel about it and makes my skin feel nice and soft. Excellent products for a decent price.”

Alex Alexander | Ridleyton SA



From a male point of view

“With some other products you feel like you have to work really hard, but this scrub is really consistent and just feels really effective. From a male point of view, you can use it in quite an intense way really giving your face a good scrub. Or you can water it down. I like that it also feels like a face massage. With the face cream, there’s something delicious about it. Smooth, creamy, natural, it feels good. The strongest plus is the aroma — a really refined blend of many oils, with citrusy overtones.”

Tony Rosella | Unley SA



I’m drawn to Truth products and ethics

“I don’t buy or use any mainstream products any more — I either make my own or buy only natural or organic products. I am really drawn to Caroline’s products and her ethics. I like how she uses only natural ingredients and 100% plant and essential oils. When I use her products, I don’t get the skin irritation I get from mainstream skincare products. I particularly love the Truth cream — the pink grapefruit in it is my favourite essential oil. I wish there were many more companies like Truth Cosmetics who care — it’s the way we should all do things.”

Comissa Fischer | Graphic Designer | Gawler SA



The benefits of essential oils

“I use all the products — the scrub, the cream on my face in the morning before I put on my makeup and the lotion on my arms. They’re absolutely beautiful, I love them and the fragrance is divine. I’ve done some aromatherapy courses so I really like the fact that they have essential oils in them because I know the benefits.”

Rae Bennetts | North Haven SA



It certainly helps, pre-shave

“The scrub is particularly good, because I’m in the building industry and there’s lots of dirt and grime. It gives you that really nice clean face feeling and it certainly helps, pre-shave. Compared to using a general soap or something, it makes the skin much softer and easier on the blade, so you don’t get the really bad abrasion that you can get with blade shaving. I use the body lotion on my face, neck, arms and hands, especially on a hot day, because I’m outside. It’s a lovely product and it goes quite some way, which is good. Another thing I really like is that it’s not full of stuff that are unknowns.”

Lorenzo Zanini | Brighton SA



Ooh, you smell good!

“I love it.. I use it as a body lotion, all over, after the shower. I love the smell and when I walk into the kitchen after I’ve put it on, everyone says ‘ooh, you smell good, what’s that?’ It’s lovely.”

Eunice Shimmin | North Haven SA


Leaves my skin feeling so soft

“The face scrub is lovely. I was worried it might be too harsh on my skin, which is a bit sensitive at the moment, but it was fine. It smells divine and leaves my skin feeling so soft!”

Nada Holicky | Marion SA



Absorbs really well, no greasy feeling

“I have really dry skin. I normally use the cream after I have a shower and it’s great after being out in the sun. I find that if you accidentally get it in your eyes, it doesn’t sting. The cream absorbs really well and doesn’t leave you with that greasy feeling. It makes your skin feel really fresh.” 

Greg Clancy | Hillbank SA



Keeps my European skin healthy

“I really like the lotion. It gets into your skin without leaving a greasy layer. I feel healthy after putting it on. I really like the scrub, too. There’s something really lovely about the smell — very natural and fresh — it makes my skin feel really clean! I think the packaging is awesome. It looks very clean and simple, organic.”

Nicoline Hermans | Henley Beach SA



Scrub great for oily skin

“I have really dry skin so the lotion was a bit light for me, but the cream feels good, and my daughter really loves the scrub. She finds it great for her oily skin.

Ella Lopresti | Grange SA



I use it as a night cream

“It’s a nice cream. I think it’s as good as any of those expensive creams and it’s a good size. I like that it has essential oils in it. I use it as a night cream. I’ve found that other night creams I’ve tried in the past have been quite greasy but this cream sinks into the skin quite well.”

Mare Puksand | Eden Hills SA



Good for after shaving..

“I use the lotion — it’s amazing!!! I love it! I use it all over and it’s also good for after shaving. I love the smell, I love the essential oils and I love how it feels.”

Alice Puksand | Hawthondene SA



My skin still feels soft, hours later

 “A lot of products leave my skin feeling dry again soon after using them, but I’ve found Truth cream is really good for my mature skin. Even hours later, my skin still feels soft and moist. I love it!”

Leah Moss | Happy Valley SA



Quick and easy

“The lotion smells nice and is quite invigorating. The pump pack is quick and easy. My mother and my daughter are using Truth, too.”

Monica Puksand | Daw Park SA