The truth about your Fragrance.

An industry shrouded in mystery.

The majority of the perfume industry is notoriously cruel in its approach to obtaining the ingredients for their formulas as they are not required to list the ingredients to protect their secret recipe. While this is a legitimate and fair reason for the secrecy, it has often meant somewhat undesirable ingredients are commonly used such as Beaver Castoreum and Civit (a type of cat) are often obtained by killing the animal or keeping them in a cage and harvesting the ingredient from them. Musk from the Musk deer is highly prized as a fragrance and for its fixative powers and although the deer is endangered and no longer hunted for it's highly prized ingredient, plans are underway to farm them and "humanely" kill them for it.

Headaches and allergies.

Perfumes can also contain large amounts of synthetic ingredients of which many are toxic. Commonly these are included in perfume but banned in the use of skincare due to the carcinogenic or toxic nature. These ingredients are included for different reasons, some being as a fixative, filler, scent or cheaper alternative to a particular fragrance. Sometimes for a scent that can only be created synthetically. Eg, think Peach, Mango, Strawberry. For example, the synthetic version of Rose smells more like a fresh Rose than any Rose Essential Oil.

How long do natural perfumes last?

While it is true the expensive perfumes such as Chanel last longer than natural perfumes due to their strong animal and synthetic ingredients, how long natural perfumes last will vary due to the different oils used. Some essential oils are a natural fixative and will make the fragrance last longer than others. It also depends on your skin acidity and if it is dry or oily. Fragrance with dissipate more quickly on an oily or acidic skin. Our fragrances usually last from 3 to 6 hours.

Natural perfumes have changed.

They no longer smell like a Patchouli incense stick your hippy aunt made so it is easier to find a nice scent these days. Good scents are a careful combination of top, middle and base notes that give the fragrance it's unique changing scent qualities as time passes. And with more and more Vegan and natural brands becoming mainstream you will have plenty of choice. So it might be time to give natural perfume a go!

Truth perfumes come in 5 different fragrances. Our recipes are a complex balance of different essential oils that create the synergy of the fragrance that is the unique signature of the maker.

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