For The Guys!

For The Guys

When you look around at what’s available in skincare, there is an endless choice of skincare aimed at women. Hundreds of potions, lotions, serums and neck creams! But what is out there for men? And if you have sensitive skin or shaving rash, or are looking for skincare that is chemical free, Australian made and cruelty free, then the choices become even more limited.

 The best skincare routine is going to be fast, simple and effective. You don’t need to try everything under the sun. You just need a good cleanser, such as a gentle face wash, scrub and a moisturiser.

 A good, gentle face wash allows you to clean off any dirt and will remove excess oil. It also prevents blemishes and blackheads. And it won’t leave your skin feeling dry and tight.

 If you suffer from flaky skin or blackheads, a scrub will get your skin looking fresh and clean.

 Using a moisturiser or lotion daily can help keep your skin plump, elastic and healthy.

If you are sporting the clean-shaven look, you may want to add some great shaving skincare as part of your routine. A scrub then is a must, as it will prevent ingrown hairs, while a mild, rich shaving soap, will ensure a smooth and even shave with no nicks, cuts or shaving rash.

 Follow that up with a soothing shaving serum or moisturiser to keep your skin soft and hydrated. If you have a beard, using a beard serum will make your beard look lush, healthy and shiny, and will prevent it drying out. It will also hydrate the skin under your beard which needs special attention.

 Why skincare is important for men

Good quality skincare can help reduce signs of ageing, remove dead skin buildup, and dirt and grease that causes blackheads. It will help reduce blemishes and breakouts that can lead to scarring in the worst cases.

 It’s more about using quality, effective skincare regularly. It doesn’t need to be a complicated regimen. Simple but consistent will win over a haphazard and time-consuming routine - every time, and it will most likely cost a lot less as well!

 Fast, effective skincare for great looking skin

Simple and natural is the best way to incorporate skincare effortlessly into your daily routine. Natural, plant-based ingredients won’t harm your skin or leave it feeling tight and dry. At Truth Cosmetics, we make Australian-made, natural skincare packed with nutrients that do everything you need to look and feel great. Designed for all skin types and created from plant oils and extracts and essential oils, our range of products makes skincare easy and affordable.

 Looking for natural men’s skincare that’s made here in Australia? Check out our full range online today. Or if you have any questions, drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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