Dehydrated vs Dry skin. They're the same thing, right?

No, they are not one and the same!

It's important to know the difference if you want to prevent premature ageing and wrinkles.

Dry skin and Dehydrated skin can both suffer from the following:

Peeling,Itching, Sensitivity, Feel tight and look Dull.


  • Lack of oil being produced by your skin
  • Tends to be genetic
  • Small to invisible pore
  • Fine lines even when you are younger
  • Lacks elasticity


  • Higher fat, richer, natural moisturiser that mimics the sebum produced by your skin such as Rosewood & Chamomile Face & Body Cream.
  • Regular exfoliation to to remove dead skin cells to improve appearance and help moisturiser to absorb and stimulate cell production as this skin tends to be sluggish in regenerating. Use a gentle but effective exfoliator such as Bergamot & Cypress Face & Body Scrub.


  • Is about the water content in your skin.
  • Any skin type can be dehydrated including oily skin.
  • May only be in certain areas such as cheeks or forehead.
  • Can be from use of harsh, products that strip off the skins acid mantel which is a protective layer that keeps the moisture in your skin. This is a common occurrence for people with oily skin as many oily/acne skin products use extremely harsh ingredients for the immediate affect of removing oil and drying up pimples.
  • It can be temporary due to diet, pollution and weather.


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