Crazy Cosmetic Promises

Well now I've heard it all. Drone technology... in your skincare. This is supposed to target specific cells and "deliver" whatever its supposed to deliver to your skin. Usually some sort of miracle ingredient that is going to turn back time.

A few years back it was Nanotechnology and before that...well, something else. As Revlon founder Charles Revson famously said, "we sell hope in a jar".

This is why right from the start our philosophy has been,
Honesty - no crazy claims, just skincare that will make your skin look and feel amazing while being kind to both the earth and animals.


Simplicity - you don't need an instruction manual to use our stuff. It's easy and it's fast. Who has hours to spend on complicated facial routines? Generosity - our products are really well priced and come in big sizes. So no crazy claims that will convince you into parting with half your wage. Try us out and see what pure plant and essential oils can do for your skin.

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